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Photo Restoration Services

We cherish old photographs and the emotional meaning that they bring to us. Sometimes older photos become damaged over time due to age, weather or poor framing. Some were simply kept in wallets or purses and over time, deteriorated due to wear. Sun damage is another common reason why photographs lose their luster.

Aside from family pictures, there are also architectural photos that represent a time before ours. These are important records that serve


Lobby Sign Created Using 3D


Conceptual Design 3D


Effective MarketingSometimes photography isn’t enough to communicate a story. When this is the case, 3D design apps can be used to recreate scenes for the purpose of portraying difficult concepts. MSI Worldwide Mail, a firm with headquarters in Belgium, hired Wicked Design to do just this. Their location in Sterling, Virginia, needed a sign for their lobby area to demonstrate their capabilities. This company offers a wide range of sophisticated mailing and sorting


Purcellville Fest Graphic Design

Rock the Rink was an annual town event in Purcellville, Virginia for several years. It has now become the Purcellville Arts and Music Fest, but the event’s spirit lives on. In 2012, the town commissioned us to create an attractive poster used to spread the word. We wanted to make it special.


rock festival marketingThis project literally began with a napkin sketch, drawn at a local hang out. The poster concept began with a V


Is your website mobile ready?

tablets and smart phonesIn Loudoun County, an average of thirty-five percent of all business related website traffic comes from a mobile device.

Question: What is a mobile-ready website?
Answer: A website that automatically re formats for a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The reasons for having your website mobile ready are many. They include:

  • A good user experience when visitors use your website
  • Simple to access important information about your business
  • Click to call