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Facebook For Business

Facebook has been known to help create communities and awareness for businesses. Recently, their Insights feature associated with Facebook Pages has been improved to provide a greater level of depth regarding visitor traffic. For example, Insights now tells you when your community of followers is most active. This chart represents that data, as captured from one of our Loudoun clients.

activity times

Facebook post views by the hour.

It reveals critical information that can help grow


Made You Look; Now Make Them Look.

If you are seeing this post, then our online visibility efforts are working. We not only creates attractive media geared for online and print media, but we also back it with the knowledge and skills to grab attention.

This means appropriately tagging media meant for online publishing. Because if your customers and clients can’t find you, then the effort is not worth doing. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines assign values to media


White Palace Restaurant Website Complete

The White Palace Restaurant website is now complete. This simple, yet effective, website design delivers the client’s business-critical information to the community. On this website you will find their complete menu offering, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeout and event drinks. This Purcellville restaurant (located in Loudoun County, Virginia) website is capable of recognizing incoming visitors who are using mobile devices. When acknowledged, the website automatically scales down and delivers a higher performance experience. For


Building an online brand

WickedDesign.com was launched at the end of April, 2012. Since then, we’ve worked hard to increase the search visibility for that domain. Today we achieved a page rank of 2, which makes us quite happy. While our goal is to achieve a ranking of 4,  obtaining a rank of 2, in a short amount of time, show effectiveness in our SEO strategy. Our goal was to be well positioned in search terms that deal


Yoga 4 Life Website Design

yoga logo
Yoga 4 Life is a newer yoga studio located in Purcellville, Virginia. They not only have a beautiful studio near the center of town, but also host wine based events at local vineyards and wineries. We feel honored in being trusted to design and build this cutting edge website. We not only embedded several technical components, but also created a colorful theme that frames this website.

To learn more about the design and construction


The Web Design Process

Designing a website can be a intense experience. Not only is there a range of technical concerns, but also the challenge of translating the goals of a client in visual terms. The graphic below depicts the steps taken in constructing a website for Yoga 4 Life, located in Purcellville, Virginia. The client wanted to blend the natural elements, eastern spiritualism and the principals of yoga into an engaging website that stood apart.