Gaining attention and online visibility for your brand is critical. Reaching customers and 3d viewingpatrons is key to your success, and attaining high search results, via SEO methods, must be pursued.

However, that is often not enough. You must also engage with your client base and be able to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Search and Social Networking are incredibly important in reaching customers. If properly supported through a well designed campaign, your brand and services will be visible to visitors from around the world. After deploying Search and Social techniques, steps can be taken to understand effectiveness. Web Analysis let’s you understand how your online visitors found you, which pages were viewed, where they are located and how long they stayed. You can also understand how your competitors stand when using similar keywords and phrases.

The three steps in a successful online search, or SEO, visibility is a combination of efforts. They include:


Understanding the search landscape

The first step dictates a full understanding of how you brand appears in search ranking for those keywords and phrases your business, or organization, cares about. Using various methods, data is gathered and recorded. This is done across (minimally) the three main search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo. When doing this, you must not be signed into these services, as your results will be skewed. To begin you gather the search terms that are deemed important to your business. For example, if your create Blue Wire Widgets, you are likely aware that others provide a similar product. Your goal is to understand where your company is listed in search results. You may search, using the three search engines, using terms such as “wire widgets” or “Blue Widgets”. There will be pages of results showing these terms. More than likely, your competitors will be featured on the first one or two pages of results. Your goals is to rise above those.

Creating a comprehensive campaign

The second step in reaching higher search results is to create a comprehensive campaign to address the weaknesses discovered while conducting the aforementioned research. For example, your company may appear in a certain category of results. If you were a restaurant, this may include keywords such as “dinner” or “take out”. However, you may not be showing for results that include “patio dining” or “dessert wine”. The key in creating a successful campaign is the think about what your customer might be looking for. When keywords, and keyword phrases, are identified as weaknesses, a search optimization plan can be structured. This plan is then executed upon through a careful strategy that incorporates these phrases in strategic ways.

Analyzing the results and keep improving

The third step is to carefully analyze, and record, the results of your research. This research will accumulate your keyword and phrase rankings among the various search engines. Over time, a patter of success should appear in the form of more traffic, page views and interest. This means more business for you.