Creative Services

Let Wicked Design for you.


Wicked Design offers a wide array of professional design services geared to meet the needs of your business or organization


With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve produced award winning designs, concepts and presentations for notable firms worldwide. Take a few minutes to review the services listed below to learn how Wicked Design can make a difference for your organization.

Whether your company requires graphic design for printed materials or online mediums, we have you covered. Having provided quality creative services to several Loudoun based firms, we enjoy having a long list of happy clients. We blend a unique mix of listening skills, with proven talent, to transform your goals into reality.

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Website Design Services

Tell your story in a meaningful way.

Your business or organization can thrive when the public can quickly locate information about your products, services and location. Well designed websites not only create an attractive presence for your firm, but also provide s timely information to your clients or members. Read more about the Website Design Services offered by Wicked Design

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Logo Design Services

Identify yourself with style

Logos are symbols that come to represent a company or organization in many important ways. With a strong background in design, Wicked can design a logo that expresses the exact feel you require. Read more about the Logo Design Services offered by Wicked Design.


Graphic Design Services

Creatively express your business ideas.

Business and organizations need to communicate effectively in order to grow. Using clear and attractive graphic design will help to capture your audience and pull them into the message. Whether your project calls for reducing complexity by using well planned visuals, or simply demonstrating a message, lasting impressions are key to successful communication. Read more about the Graphic Design Services offered by Wicked Design.


Marketing and Communication Services

Tell your story with meaning.

When tied to a presentation, meaningful graphicscharts and visuals leave a lasting impression in terms of quality and impression. The intended recipients of your business critical information will eagerly consume your message and recall it’s importance. Read more about the Marketing and Communication Services offered by Wicked Design.


SEO / Social Networking / Web Analysis

Let them find you, understand how.

Search and Social Networking are incredibly important in reaching customers. If properly supported through a well designedcampaign, your brand will be visible to visitors from around the world. After deploying Search and Social techniques, it is critical to understand the effectiveness of the efforts. Web Analysis let’s you know how your online visitors found you, which pages were viewed, where they are located and how long they stayed. Read more about the SEO, Search, Social Media and Web Analytics Services offered by Wicked Design.

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Photography and Video Production Services

Visually share your project with impact.

Properly capturing your projects, remodeling, interior design or related efforts can be critical. Putting your best foot forward to the public can make a lasting impression, and lead to more business. Learn more about the Photography Services offered by Wicked Design.

We can also create an effective storyboard, shoot the scenes and edit your video into a professional marketing segment to promote your business.