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Wicked Design offers a wide array of professional website hosting and solution services.

All websites requires various technologies to make them run efficiently and at peak performance. Wicked Design, located in Loudoun County, can meet your web technical services needs and leave you smiling. Web based technology does not have to be rocket science. We make it easy for your business or organization to succeed.

The technical services we offer include website hosting, support for various CMS platforms, Website themes, web maintenance, backup and recovery and website performance.


Website Hosting Services

Make your website available to the world.

Every website on the planet needs a place to live, and has to be “served” to the internet at large. Simply owning a domain name is not enough. A web server is a virtual location that is known to the internet, and can be discovered and accessed.

Your web server is also responsible for email accounts that tie to your domain name, backups of your website, spam controls, security settings, databases and more. Wicked Design offers professional web hosting services, and can manage all of these technical requirements on your behalf. Read our related blog post: Hosting Supports Your Business.


Content Management Systems

Modern websites require efficient management systems

Today’s websites offer large amounts of content that need to be managed well. When you consider that photography, video, the written word and various forms of graphic art are all components that make a website run, the manual management process can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are many open source choices that help us to this serve high impact content with great control. Content Management Systems, or CMS, are freely available and deliver high performance oversight to the growing challenges. Systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are used by millions of sites around the world.


Website Maintenance

Even well designed websites require ongoing maintenance.

Like fine wine, website can also age. When they do, technologies that make them operate can fail, and content can become outdated. Broken links can leave a bad impression on your web visitors, and turn them away. Outdated copyright dates at the bottom of your site may suggest neglect. If your last blog post was in 2012, it demonstrates a lack of caring. True or not, this is what you potential customer may think.

Wicked Design can support most web systems to repair and refresh the website you already own. Whether you need to freshen content, replace photos or update the content management system, we are here to help. We simply login to your existing system and go to work. We offer a free consultation to get you going.


Website Themes

Technical capabilities can make your company soar.

Some of our clients are already familiar with the Content Management Systems, and want to choose the best theme for their online presence. Wicked Design has developed websites using many of the popular themes that operate with these CMS systems.

Matching your requirements, to features available within themes, can be a critical decision. Should you purchase a theme lacking in options, you can be making a costly mistake. We’ll carefully analyze your needs, and match them with your choices of themes. Whether you favor WordPress, or Drupal, we’ll be ready to assist wit your important decision.


Backup and Recovery

A rigorous backup policy can save your firm thousands of dollars.

There are many types of backup systems that help save us from being human. Websites are no different than critical business files on your computer, they both need backups. Preventing loss should always be a concern for businesses, and when automation is available, it should be used. 

Backing up websites and data is handled in various ways, but does not need to be complex. The host files, and the website, should be backed up based upon a well designed schedule to save from potential losses. This can be done using backup and recovery system normally included in normal hosting plans. When enabled, automated actions create these files, while you sleep. Recovering the files, when needed, should be a snap if executed properly.

Lastly, the search engines, such as Google, will rank your site lower in search results if page speeds are slow. Therefore the bottom line of your business could be directly tied to the performance of your website.


Website Performance

Everyone benefits from a fast website, especially you.

Offering a speedy website can benefit your business in a number of ways. The most important is the experience felt by your visitors. It is no longer acceptable to offer a webpage that loads with a slow pace. You risk losing a potential customer whose impatience leads them to your competitors.

A slow website can be caused by many factors, including a slow host, large image files, uncompressed data or outdated technologies. These problems can be remedied, resulting in a better experience overall. In addition, many of your website visitors use mobile devices to see your site. Locally in Loudoun County, 35% to 40% of all business web traffic stems from a mobile device. Therefore, page rendering speed is more important than ever.