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Web Forms To Reduce Business Costs

Create office efficiency, reduce paperwork, go digital, and increase the speed of business.

Use case: Fuog Buildersweb based forms

Your business can reduce operational costs by eliminating everyday paperwork while creating greater efficiency using your existing website. In this post, we’ll describe how Fuog Builders, located in Purcellville, Virginia, is saving thousands of dollars a year by switching to online, web-based, digital forms.

The problem:

Fuog employs several Foreman who each manage construction projects across the


Website Design for Festivals and Bands

Furnace Mountain on stageWicked Design recently designed three websites relating to live music. These include the Watermelon Park Festival, the River and Roots Festival, and one for the legendary band Furnace Mountain. The two festival websites support all weekend events that include live Bluegrass music, camping, vendors, volunteers and music competitions / instruction. Both of them are held annually at the Watermelon Park Campground, located in Berryville, Virginia along the Shenandoah River. The website for the Furnace


How Hosting Supports Your Business Website

In order to provide your website to the public, it must reside on a server, or a hosting platform. This internet connected rack of computers holds all of the website files, databases and images that comprise the website, and serves them on demand to your potential customers.

web hostingWhen making the decision regarding who will host your next website, many factors should be taken into account. Obviously cost should be considered, but also support, backups,


Graphic Design For The Holidays

Here at Wicked Design, we are fond of creating graphic designs for the holidays, and then sharing them with family, friends and clients.

This year, we decided to create a wreath design, and share the process with you. This entire project began with an ink pen and a sketchpad. Below you will learn about the specific steps taken to arrive at this design. These steps included the use of Photoshop to graphically enhance the


Letterpress – Design and production using historic techniques

loudoun letterpress servicesCurious Fox Press is a western Loudoun company operated by Cathleen Titcomb. She provides bespoke, manually produced, printed goods that are hand crafted on an antique platen presses. The end result is invitations, letters, envelopes, menus, and such that stand apart in this age of digital mass production. . Materials that have been printed using these age old techniques result in selected paper surfaces featuring tactile  impressions, and a crispness not obtainable with ink


Should your website offer multiple languages?

website languagesThe United States is a country with diverse peoples, cultures and languages. To reach as many potential customers as possible, it may benefit your business to offer various language choices. Doing so will not only place your website in search results it wouldn’t otherwise have, but also increases the amount of content you offer. Offering more content allows the search engines to rank your site with greater “search authority”, hence higher page positions in


How Companies Should Approach New Website Design

When a company decides to hire a design firm to develop a new website, there are a growing number of critical items to consider. The main objective should always be to meet a specific list of business goals. Whether the company simply wants to inform the public of their services, or provide a full suite of business tools, modern websites are like the motor of a car.

Proper Website Formatting









Website Design For a Growing Loudoun Restaurant

online restaurant trafficWicked Design recently completed a website design project for a Purcellville restaurant that we love. Some of the most rewarding web design and development projects are for those businesses that we personally patronize. For a design agency in a small northern Virginia town, the likelihood of such work is not necessarily rare, and the community is relatively small. While we love all of our clients, having personal ties to a place we visit makes


Designing a fantasy to last a lifetime

graphic design servicesCapturing the essence of our children serves as a lasting reminder of innocence, lineage and the magic of life. We were recently commissioned to conduct a photo shoot of a young girl with a fantasy unicorn. The girl’s mother had the concept of capturing a mythical journey with her daughter and the pony of fairy tales. This story documents the project as it went from planning to print.

We received a call from the