Professional logo design for business

A well designed logo creates memorable branding

Reaching your ideal customers is a matter is recognizing them

Then, you approach all of your marketing efforts around reaching that primary demographic. Effectively associating your products and services with a branding icon leaves a lasting mark on your client base. Wicked Design has created dozens and dozens of logo designs that help our clients build their business, and organizations. We do this by conducting an “interview” process with you to gain a full understanding of your goals. We then deliver rough-concept designs quickly for your review. With your feedback, we’ll create another set for review until we narrow down the exact look and feel.

architect firm logo design

Some of our favorite logo design projects:

Our Logo Design Process

1. Understand your business, products, services, and offerings.

We’ll ask detailed questions before we begin designing your logo to better understand your goals, and business. The more we know about your efforts, the better we’ll be able to translate your needs into the perfect graphical depiction.

Shown here are logo designs for Lovettsville Oktoberfest. The center logo was selected, and printed on an array of festival products.

oktoberfest logo design

2. Understand your customer base.

We want to help grow your business, or expand your organization. To do this effectively, your logo needs to appeal to that group. We ask a series of questions that will help us design the perfect logo for the group your trying to reach. Here in Loudoun County, that is more important that ever.

Shown here is a draft logo sketch for boat tours company. They are Monumental Boat Tours that operates from the National Harbor.

draft logo sketch
builder logo concepts

3. Identify your colors, fonts, and preferences.

There are a near-infinite number of logo design colors, layouts, font styles to choose from. Selecting the best combination for you is a matter of good design skills and decades of experience. If your logo design does not appeal to your clients, it could actually work against you. Let Wicked Design help you choose the best logo branding approaches that will represent your efforts for years to come.

Displayed here are logo variations for Loudoun building company. This was used to help Kraftson Construction decide which was the best logo design for their company. They are based in Loudoun County, Virginia.

4. We design quick-concepts for your review, and then refine.

Once your final logo design is selected, we’ll then provide you with with a selection of sizes and backgrounds. These can be used for most online and printing projects. Should you need high-end printing services, we’ll provide you with a vector version of your logo that can scale to nearly any size.

The logo variations shown here represent a medical company, and a flower company. Both Functional Medical Associates and Firefly Flowers operate in western Loudoun County.

logo concept drawings