baking web designIn the normal course of business, we design all sorts of Loudoun County websites for business and organizations. Some of these sites have a rigid business focus, while others inspire. The latter group is certainly more fun to design, often incorporating playful colors and design elements. What could be more fun than designing a website for a baker of cupcakes?

We recently completed and launched a fun website design for The Sweet Drop, a custom cupcake baker in Purcellville, Virginia. This new local business allows web customers to create a wide variety of tasteful cupcakes delivered to most locations within the Loudoun County area. There are nearly 2700 possible combinations of cupcakes that can be ordered!

In addition to the custom cupcakes, there are also a variety mini-cupcakes, holiday styles and even custom printing of photos on the baked goods. That’s right, how about your mug baked onto the top of a cupcake? What fun!

To enable the pursuit of all of these delicious sweets with the use of a custom website, we had to incorporate a commerce engine that couldbakery website development handle the tasks at hand. Of course the site needed to handle online transactions, but also the complex product offerings. Ordinarily, when developing a custom website that handles online transactions the products tend to be simple offerings. Adding the ability to customize products with thousands of combinations quickly becomes complex. Not only for the web designer, but potentially the customer as well.

baked sweets web designCreating an elegant user interface experience needed to be addressed. Because, if customers became confused with the options, they may not buy any products at all. The implementation of drop down menus helped in making the custom product choices simpler to comprehend. Following the customer choices added to the shopping cart, the presentation of the custom cupcakes list had to make sense as well. This entailed ensuring that the formatting of choices be clean and concise.

All of website features are potentially complex, leaving room for confusion. This is why a well thought out development plan was required. Fully understanding the client needs, while anticipating the customer experience, had to be well thought out. Every complex website development project begins with a client approved plan that leaves little room for unexpected behavior. This particular project succeeded in meeting these goals.

Being the recipient of a box of said cupcakes, we can attest that they are delicious. Learn more about our northern Virginia website development services:

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