A business that operates under the guise of compassion requires special design consideration. In this case, Circle of Life provides assistance to pet owners whose animals are terminally ill, or dyeing of old age. Euthanasia is a sensitive subject as it relates to dogs and cats, but a necessary part of life, or the circle of life.

Dr. Beth Hood, located in Loudoun County, provides in home euthanasia services to those pet owners wanting special care for their beloved pets. Many consider their pets to be members of their family and deserving of a respectful passing process when they that animals can no longer enjoy a normal, happy life.

euthanasiaHaving these services provided at their home is more meaningful and caring when compared to the sterile environment of the local veterinary office or hospital.

In designing the logo, careful attention was paid to the colors, layout and font in order to reflect the sensitive subject matter at hand. When providing creative services, the designer must not only listen to the client with great intent, but also properly convey the appropriate message. Using soft colors and familiar shapes helps to portray a message of caring and trust.

The paw print symbols are design elements that support the message of the logo. It is readily apparent that Circle of Life provides care services to small animals, dogs and cats in this case. A logo design needs to not only be memorable, but also tell something about the services or products being represented.

Here in northern Virginia, residents have the option of visiting any number of veterinary hospitals or clinics for pet euthanasia services, but the experience can be less than passionate. This especially holds true with a waiting room full of animals and impatient owners itching to leave. Having your dog or cat in the at home setting brings a bit more peace to an otherwise unpleasant experience.

Wicked Design is currently designing the Circle of Life website. In an upcoming blog post, we’ll describe how this attention to caring and client needs helps drive creative influences. Is your company looking for logo or web creative services? If so, please contact Wicked Design for a free consultation: Contact Us.