Creating a logo design for an organization that represents Loudoun County businesses can be a challenging task. The Purcellville Business Association recently awarded Wicked Design with this task, and the related responsibility that goes with it. The award of this project also included the design and construction of their new website. We beat out several other notable firms in winning this project.

The challenge was to create an iconic representation used to promote the businesses themselves, along with the organization. Because there are dozens of business categories being represented, the logo needed to speak for all of them. More than a dozen different logo designs were created and submitted for review. This is a natural part of the logo creation process. However, in this case there was review by committee. While this process took slightly longer than usual, the end product is something that everyone involved can be proud of.

Below is the chosen logo design. This design uses a white, blue and green palette. While the white and blue colors are used to present a business color scheme, the green adds some local flair. Loudoun County is known as the emerald county for the shimmer given by the wide swaths of green trees that grow along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The white stripes are representative of the mountains themselves. Business symbolism is represented by the strong horizontal stripes, softened slightly with the rounded corners. The overall design conveys a card, ticket or passport theme.

Loudoun creative design

Below is a selection of designs that were submitted as part of this process. Each represents a different approach, and meaning. Various colors, shapes, type and visual components were used during the design review process. Logo design normally involves the submission of several designs, sometimes reaching upward of more than half a dozen. Initially, rough designs are submitted and the client is allowed to choose aspects they like, and reject those they do not. The next set of designs use those favored components in further development. As the process nears the end, it usually comes down to the finer details, such as colors, type spacing, shading and arrangement.

logo development process

We are honored in being chosen for these duties and services by the Purcellville Business Association (aka PBA). Not only were we deemed trustworthy in meeting these challenges, but also considered to be a reliable source of advice and skills. We thank the PBA, and their members, for these roles.

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