Designing a website can be a intense experience. Not only is there a range of technical concerns, but also the challenge of translating the goals of a client in visual terms. The graphic below depicts the steps taken in constructing a website for Yoga 4 Life, located in Purcellville, Virginia. The client wanted to blend the natural elements, eastern spiritualism and the principals of yoga into an engaging website that stood apart.

wordpress design

Starting with a sketch, these loose goals were turned into a visual scene, or theme. The central design started with a tree perched on a cliff overlooking a sun drenched valley. Using bold colors, the entire background sets the mood for the teachings of each yoga class type. Allowing the content windows to have transparent backgrounds, they seem to float above the background design. The simple, yet creative, website design communicates that this Loudoun County studio is a different kind of place. Creativity and a mindful approach to all things comes through as something Yoga 4 Life wishes to communicate.

symbol designs

The elemental icons above were design for a couple of reasons. It was important to the client that yoga class types carried a theme, in addition to the particular type of instruction. Using six elements, these iconic graphics were designed by carrying forward the tree from the background image, and blending it into the site itself. Created by using several artistic programs, the icons also carry forward the color palette and natural elements as described by Yoga 4 Life during initial project discussions.

When visiting this website today, you will find these icons being used as sidebar art, and as page background images. All of these creative web elements keep online visitors interested by using an intentional design flow. From page to page, the relevant designs carry forward each piece of information in a pleasing manner. This approach keeps your online visitor exploring your information, while supporting a specific branding agenda.

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