Wrap yourself in school spirit

Spirit Blankets is a Loudoun County company that markets and sells custom school spirit blankets. These blankets are embroidered with students names, logos representing their sport or extracurricular activity and the school icon. The warm fleece construction can be work at games to demonstrate school spirit in style. The company needed a website design that was not only easy to use and accessible from mobile devices, but also one that allowed online orders to be placed with customization features.

Wicked Design went to work designing a website that met all of the criteria while serving student bodies across Loudoun County. With three schools currently supported, students and parents can order blankets that meet their exact specifications. Included are Woodgrove High, Valley High and Legacy All Stars. Drop down menus offer the web visitor the school choices. Once the specific school blanket page is loaded, the customization options are are presented in a clean and simple manner.

blankets siteDozens of school activity and sport icons can be chosen that will be embroidered on the blankets. The students name is entered in the appropriate field and then the order can be completed. The website then sends the selected information to PayPal for purchasing. The blankets cost around $65 dollars each and are usually manufactured within a few weeks.

Commerce enabled websites such as this allow the business owner to focus on operating the business, instead of taking phone calls during the day. Because the Spirit Blankets website is available around the clock, orders can be taken directly from the online store without interrupting business critical operations. Once an order is placed, the business received the orders via email. The email message specifies the exact order specifications, which includes not only the names and icons, but school colors.

Designing websites that provide online purchasing can be a tricky proposition for designers. They not only have to be attractive and simple to use, but also work accurately 100% of the time. This can carry a large responsibility for the web designer and programmer. The platform used in this case is WordPress. The platform offers a great deal of flexibility with a light weight front end to make the entire purchasing experience as pleasant as possible.

WordPress also supports easy updating as the company expands. In the future, Spirit Blankets plans to add several more schools. In doing so, the drop down menu of school choices will need to expand. Beyond that, school choices may need their own menu selections divided by County. WordPress is well equipped to allow for this sort of expansion.

Does you company or organization also required a website with commerce functionality? We at Wicked Design will be happy to schedule a meeting to listen to your goals. We’ll then created a detailed proposal that includes specific visual designs, a schedule and a project quote. To learn more about our website design services, visit our website development page. We hope to hear from you.