festival web design virginiaWicked Design recently designed three websites relating to live music. These include the Watermelon Pickers Festival, the River and Roots Festival, and one for the legendary band Furnace Mountain. The two festival websites support all weekend events that include live Bluegrass music, camping, vendors, volunteers and music competitions / instruction. Both of them are held annually at the Watermelon Park Campground, located in Berryville, Virginia along the Shenandoah River. The website for the Furnace Mountain band presents design elements from their new album. The band plays throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Europe and China.

The Watermelon Pickers Festival Website

This festival represents an incredible history of live music, going back more than fifty years. Folks like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline played at the same location where the festival is held today. Shepherd’s Ford Productions now operates the festivals where thousands of music enthusiasts attend every year. This year the festival is hosting bands such as Del McCoury, Keller Williams, The Seldom Scene and The Bumper Jacksons (and many, many more).

The management needed a website that not only offered information, but also to support ticket sales the band schedule. The new site also offers signups for music contests, volunteering, and vendors. These website functions help to create efficiency for the organization, and the attending public. Also included are sections for the festival sponsors, who all are displayed on the site with active links to their businesses and organizations.

The new website also features short biographies for the bands who are schedule to play. This includes video, their history and the type of music that they are known for.

We leveraged design elements from their poster art into the website itself. Doing so helps to create a branding cohesion between all forms of public information.

The River and Roots Festival Website

The smaller of the two festivals, River and Roots normally happens at the end of June. Attendance is roughly one third to one half the size of the festival mentioned above. While still featuring two main stage areas, this event tends to host music only on Friday and Saturday.

This website design here focuses on similar features as mentioned above, as the formats are similar. Campers can come for the day, the weekend, or enjoy a relaxing time all week long. The campground rests along the scenic Shenandoah River, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit the new website: RiverandRoots.com.

The management are long time supporters of organizations that help the river to be healthier, teach about conservation, and the environment. Proceeds partially benefit the Friends of the Shenandoah River organization.

The Furnace Mountain Website

The band’s first album was released in 1994. Since then, Furnace Mountain has followed with six more titles, including the latest “Shadow of Plenty”, released in 2016. The four member band includes Amy Curl, Morgan Morrison, Fiddlin’ Dave and Danny Knicely.

The band’s tour dates are updated on a regular basis so you can see where they are going, and where they’ve played. You can also purchase most of their albums directly from the site. In addition, you can book the whole band, or just Fiddlin’ Dave and Morgan.

Their new launched website introduces design elements from that last album. Again, focusing on a tight branding integration and messaging. The website color scheme came directly from their latest album. The tans and olive greens reflect their love of nature and the northern Virginia environment. Using the WordPress content management system, the band is able to keep the website updated themselves. The website can also grow with the band over time.

Visit the new Furnace Mountain website here: FurnaceMountain.com.

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