Create office efficiency, reduce paperwork, go digital, and increase the speed of business.

Use case: Fuog Builders

Your business online website forms Virginiacan reduce operational costs by eliminating everyday paperwork while creating greater efficiency using your existing website. In this post, we’ll describe how Fuog Builders, located in Purcellville, Virginia, is saving thousands of dollars a year by switching to online, web-based, digital forms.

The problem:

Fuog employs several Foreman who each manage construction projects across the mid-Atlantic region. They were required to visit the physical office at the end of every workday to turn in worker time sheets, receipts, and project photos. In some cases, the Foreman had to drive an hour from the work-site in order to deliver their documentation. Further, the information contained in the handwritten forms had to be transcribed into various accounting systems. This left room for error while creating more work than necessary.

The solution:

Wicked Design created online website forms which are accessible by tablets and phones in the field. These digital forms were modeled after the printed forms that were formerly utilized. Now, the staff can report all daily activity in the field while creating a digital records online that can be access by the accounting and HR staff. In addition, the data is stored permanently for future reference.

These online forms can accomplish many tasks, including the following:

  • Calculated fields based upon entered data
  • Multiple file uploads, include documents, photos, and more. The file types can be limited to certain formats
  • Password protection to eliminate non-authorized visitors to the web forms
  • Conditional actions. Depending on the form entries, hidden fields can appear as required
  • Mobile friendly forms for use on phones and tablets
  • Create reports based upon entered data over time

We use this technology ourselves in the event upload area. This allows for anyone to include their cultural event into the website calendar. All submissions are help in moderation until approved. Once approved, the event is included in the online calendar. See this in action: and click the blue Event button at the bottom of the page.

Further, web pages can automatically be updated using visitor/customer provided photos, text, or documents. As is the case with our website. The Artists, Musicians, Vendors, and Sponsor pages were built automatically using the web submission forms. As each entry is submitted, it becomes included in the specific page.

In doing so, content is added without the need to manually input the information. The creates efficiency and reduces the overhead of a worker inputting the information. This same use case could extent to companies, or organizations, who run contents, or simply seek input from the community.

Using this type of web-based form technology allows you to focus on your business while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Contact Wicked Design to learn more about the possibilities in using online forms to improve your work flow, and the bottom line.Learn more about our website and WordPress development services: