WickedDesign.com was launched at the end of April, 2012. Since then, we’ve worked hard to increase the search visibility for that domain. Today we achieved a page rank of 2, which makes us quite happy. While our goal is to achieve a ranking of 4,  obtaining a rank of 2, in a short amount of time, show effectiveness in our SEO strategy. Our goal was to be well positioned in search terms that deal with graphic design, web page construction and logo design.

Today, when using these search terms along with local town names, our search results are gaining momentum. Through a dedicated commitment to increasing search results for WickedDesign.com, the fruits of these efforts are self evident. Google, Bing and Yahoo all have specific methods used to increase your online search results. These usually involve good web page construction, proper article tagging and frequent news posts backed a dedicated campaign around keywords and phrases. Included in this list are back links from other sites, use of social media and visitor frequency.

In the end, gaining higher visibility for your company or organization is not only achievable, but necessary. In today’s ever challenging business environment, becoming more visible to your customers is key. You can bet that your competition is working hard to be more present than you. By following a dedicated plan, you can achieve the highest search ranking possible. Let Wicked Design show you how.

Learn more about the marketing, branding and communication services that we offer: Wickedesign.com/services/marketing-and-communication.