Website design plays an important role in how your firm communicates with the public. Your market demographic, Loudoun County in this case, expects your online presence to meet their expectations in terms of usability, visual representation and care given to messaging. Color palettes, user interface and the availability of pertinent information are key to keeping potential customers lingering on your website.


At Wicked Design, we take all of these requirements seriously. Website design need not be only pleasing to observe, but also serve as a perpetual source of news and information about your company or organization. This includes clear menu items, content that is well structured and graphics that related to each page specifically.

In designing this website for Clear Sky Ahead, a Loudoun County aviation firm, it was important to make the aircraft front and center, while delivering messaging that reinforced related services. The service information needed to be clear, concise and wrapped in design that made it appealing to consume.

The website color scheme reflects components found within the logo design, also created by Wicked Design. For example, cloud graphics are contained in each component, but at different sizes. Colors that appear in the logo are designed throughout the website, producing a tight online destination that allows the web visitor to focus on the client’s important messaging.

To further enhance the online viewing experience, animated graphics and photos were strategically embedded to deepen support for a greater range of content access. Eventually, video will be embedded into specific areas to introduce recorded voice and tours of specific aircraft. With the advent of actual aircraft listings, this website will be brought to life in the manner in which it was designed be; a living breathing online source of Loudoun, and global, aircraft sales. You can purchase a helicopter while your shopping for a corporate jet, should you have the need.

In working with Clear Sky Ahead, the design reviews reinforced the desire for a great amount of white space. In doing so, the messages contained on each page carry though without clutter. The website overall style and design thereby meets the expectations of the client’s buying market demographic.

Finally, because WordPress is the underlying website structure, it remains entirely flexible and nimble. Married with the Dynamix theme, the client has the ability to grow their site over time. With little effort, pages and menus items can be added as business needs dictates. Further, when technology and interface trends in different directions, an entirely new theme may be applied while continuing to use the original content. Long gone are the days when hugely complex applications were required to design and construct attractive and effective websites. WordPress, which began as mere blogging software, has grown into an entire development community. More and more clients are demanding use of WordPress due these concerns.

In the end, the design and developing websites continues to get easier. Additionally, the ability to create highly effective online sites with an increasing amount of technology, is becoming faster. In some cases, the need for custom programming can be completely eliminated. Outside of editing html and CSS for custom looks, the base method creating rewarding websites is in its golden age.

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