Sometimes simple and understated design grabs the most attention. The Sweet Rebecca Lynn wine label, designed for Above Ground Winery in Purcellville, reflects a simple approach that uses graphic design to draw the attention of the wine buying crowd. Starting with a family photograph, Rebecca’s profile was traced using Photoshop. Then creative design elements were used when stroking those traced paths. Then blending and coloring the body shapes, a simple graphic design came to like. This wine is for sale at their western Loudoun location, and in local stores and restaurants.


wine product label design


The provided photograph became the inspiration for the female figure design. The head, shoulder and back lines were drawn, then traced with special digital brush settings to providing the fading effect at end of each “brush stroke”. Several versions were submitted for client review. The last profile in red was selected and now appears on the Sweet Rebecca Lynn wine.

design steps label wine






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