logo design

We are pleased to be working with the Town of Purcellville, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, once again. This project involved the design and creation of the logo for the Purcellville Music and Arts Festival. Historically, the town held Rock the Field and Rock the Rink every year. These annual music festivals are now combined into one larger festival. The inaugural event is schedule for May 17, 2014 at Fireman’s Field.

This family oriented event will feature not only great music with multiple stages, but also dramatic performances, local artists, food, vendors, workshops, children’s activities and more. Visit the Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/PurcellvilleParksandRec.

Designing custom logos is something that Wicked Design is passionate about. It let’s us express our creative prowess while developing a brand identity that lasts for many years. Seeing these logos in print and advertising is a rewarding experience that never tires. We also love supporting local community events in the best way we know how (we also volunteer for many of these festivals).

As we’ve written in the past, working with committees can often be a challenge. Not because the people involved are difficult to work with, but because there are often a dozen individual opinions to contend with. While the Parks and Rec folks are unsung heroes of our community, they are also individuals with distinct likes and dislikes. For this project, we promised to create several rounds of logo designs, and hone them with each review. The first goal was to capture the essence of the festival in terms of goals, events and vision. Needless to say, music and arts were two main topics to consider. In addition, we wanted to capture the local flair. In this case, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Purcellville it located in the shadow of the ridge, and is often associated with this historic range.

Using a sketch-like approach, we designed a mountain range with playful colors. Then, we incorporated a sun element rising over the ridge. This sun component was transformed into the base of a music note. The final element became a note with an artists palette, again incorporating playful colors. The final design, shown above, is the result of many meetings, rounds of design and critical thinking behind branding that truly represents this new annual event.

In closing, we are honored to be supporting a town that we love, Purcellville. The volunteers who make these festivals operate work tirelessly to provide our community with festivals that will be remembered for a lifetime.