The corporate jet sales field is small, for good reason; not many firms sell products that have multi-million dollar price tags.

However, corporations have the need to fly executives around the world to lubricate the gears of business while maximizing time. Jet Evolution, of Loudoun County, Virginia, recently hired Wicked Design to develop a website. This post attempts to capture the essence of the project, while providing intriguing information regarding the little known field of buying, selling and the management of small jets. Because the jet sales field is smaller than most, it dictates certain parameters when it comes to the marketing of small commercial jets:

airline design

1. Competition for the sale of used jets is low, globally.

2. Jet buyers have a higher expectation of the visual presentation of materials.

3. The entire industry knows each other.

Because this blog post is less about the industry of selling planes, and more about designing websites, we’ll turn the focus to why all of this matters.

From an SEO perspective, developing a website for this field is a gold mine. Globally, you have little competition. This means that the right phrases can launch a new-to-the-market jet without massive effort. Because having high search rankings can mean action, hence sales. In a normal situation, competing to sell anything in a single city can be difficult. There just aren’t hundreds of Gulfstream IV’s on the market.

Corporate jet buyers are a small grouping of people.. They are either buying an aircraft themselves, or representing a client who has hired them to purchase and maintain one. They are prepared to spend, on average, between two and five million dollars for a small, used plane. The website that they use to review potential jet purchases MUST be easy yo use, highly attractive and updated with fresh, updated information. The furnishing of maintenance records for jets is required. Outdated information renders a potential sale inactive. Knowing this,

Wicked Design created a web content platform for Jet Evolution that is easy for their staff to update. Without the need for being graphic designer, a staffer can add new jets for sale, and include related marketing materials, in a short amount of time. These updates automatically are accounted for with versions of the website rendered with a mobile device. The design is highly polished for the viewer, and simple to update by the client. Listening intently to client goals are the only way to make a website design project highly successful.

Design elements of note, regarding this project include:

– A website background photo that scales to any device, or browser size.

– Portions of the site are transparent, allowing a layered effect with the background.

– Menu buttons become app buttons when the website is viewed on a mobile device.

– Simple icons are associated with buttons used to contact Jet Evolution. This allows contact in the simplest manner possible. Click to call, click to send email.

– Clean, simple and sophisticated website design.

– The design actually aids potential buyers, who are often traveling themselves. With a design approach that supports access to information on the go, they interested party is met with presentation built for them.

Jet Evolution is a Loudoun based, corporate jet sales firm that represents buyers and sellers around the globe. The proprietors carry decades of experience in all aspects of world wide aviation sales. Wicked Design is honored to have their trust and business. They were so pleased with the outcome of their new website, that they offered us ten percent off our next jet. Perhaps next year, but a kind gesture indeed.

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