Wicked Design has designed and developed many health and fitness websites for Loudoun based businesses. This includes yoga, personal training and coaching firms that offer to help our community strengthen their bodies, and minds. This week, we’re pleased to announce the launch a new website for Loudoun Pilates. Owner Amy Hershey had a clear vision for what she wanted in her website design. This vision always makes our job easier.

LoudounPilatesSQAmy, and her instructors, offer a serious approach to the classical training of Joseph Pilates. Her spacious Leesburg, Virginia studio features not only mat-based training, but also training using several pieces of Pilates equipment invented by Pilates. This fitness equipment is used to strengthen bodies while making them more flexible. Incorporating this serious approach Pilates training is something that Amy sought to portray through the design of her company website.

Launched this week, development of her website is a process that required about a month of design. The goals were to show off the studio in the best manner possible while informing a health conscience community of her services. The services, equipment and general information needed to be presented in a clear and simple manner wrapped in an attractive and functional web design. We believe that these goals were accomplished in an elegant and effective manner. We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on this post with feedback.

In addition to the design of the site, Amy chose to incorporate a photo shoot pursued for the purpose of highlighting her goals on specific web pages. With the web sitemap in mind, she chose specific photographs for the various required pages. When you view the website, it is evident that each of the images are specifically tailored for the information being presented. This is a good example of top down design driven by vision.

The result is a clean and clear website design that is attractive and effective. We hope that you agree.[vc_column_text]Should your company or organization seek a new online experience to meet your community relations goals, Wicked Design would be happy to assist you. You can learn more about the website design services that we offer here: wickedesign.com/website-design.