Wicked Design creates graphics and websites for several Loudoun County health and fitness companies. It is always a pleasure working with these firms because of their passion and commitment to their cause. Recently, we completed a logo design for Loudoun Pilates, located in Leesburg, Virginia. The owner of the company provides Pilates training and classes to citizens of all ages and skill levels. They employ both traditional methods found in the northern Virginia area, and those with roots back to it’s German founder.

Using the combined philosophies of  their class teachings was an important underlying goal in the development of their new logo. Some of the keywords shared during the initial design meetings included strength, core, flow, colorful, original and traditional. It was also deemed important to have the company name be a major component of the final graphic.

pilates logoWith this knowledge in hand, we created a set of original designs for the company. Several different designs were developed for the initial review. The client chose components of those designs that they found attractive, and jettisoned those they did not care for. During the second set of logo designs, we began to get closer to what Loudoun Pilates had in mind.

Our process of creating corporate logos follows this path of submitting several review sets, with each concept containing a unique approach. While the underlying key goals, or words, are kept in mind, various approaches offer the client a wide perspective of design possibilities. Sometimes, up to five sets of reviews are submitted to the customer to allow a broad spectrum of choices.

Early in the design review process, the customer sided with the notion of concentric circles. In subsequent deliveries, we began to focus on this approach.  In the end, the chosen design, seen here, represented what the client had in mind. The ring components emphasis core, or inner strength. The color variations pull the eye toward the center of the design. This not only highlights the company name, but also supports the theme of growth and inner focus.

The faded areas of the rings also draws an ascending line, which helps to signify growth and forward progress. At the same time, the fading effect helps to soften the rings, and the overall design. Centrally located is the company name. The word Pilates features a slightly more heavy impression which immediately conveys the intent of the new company moniker.

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