Suncrest Builders is a Loudoun, Fairfax and Arlington county custom home builder, and home remodeling company. They specialize in high quality home improvements and design. The company has a reputation for providing quality building services across northern Virginia.

This building firm required a website design that not only portrayed an updated appearance, but also one that spoke of the quality building services they provide. It was important that the various services provided be presented on he home page in a crisp and clean manner. The related photographs also needed to fully represent the type of work conducted for their clients.

website design

The background of this website design uses a blueprint graphic design, created from an actual custom home project. This serves to immediately portray the theme of the website. This is crucial in grabbing the attention of the website visitor. In the day and age, companies have mere seconds in which to do so. The color palette of the website uses this blue tone throughout the site. This builds a cohesive visual experience. The site itself is built using the WordPress platform.

Below the header design, a large photographic slide show presents the web visitor with sample of the high quality work
provided by Suncrest Builders. WordPress offers a simple design interface, so that Suncrest is able to update this photo display in the future. That way they need not call upon Wicked Design to make simple changes for them. Using a large slide show is another strategy in capturing the attention of those who land upon the site. Visual imagery is an excellent way to leave an impression on those visitors.

Below the photo display are the four categories of the services provided by Suncrest: Custom kitchens, bathrooms, homes and living spaces. Each of these offer links to respective pages. These areas also display crisp photographs that reveal the level of quality that this company provides.

The footer area of this website design include social media links, affiliations and organization memberships. These lower areas encourage the web visitor to explore the website more fully, and engage with their brand. Effective website design needs to accomplish several things, as noted. It not only must be attractive, but also convey a tight and relevant message that leaves an impression on the viewer. All of these features drive additional business for the firm.

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