Logo design carries a big responsibility. The chosen design represents the vision of a business before the general public. Our approach in designing a logo encompasses a process of providing several rough concepts. The concepts are reviewed by the client, who then provides feedback for visual aspects they like. Another set of concepts is then created reflecting favored components.

The graphic below depicts some of the steps taken in designing a logo for Mile3 Consulting, located in Maryland. This interactive design process involved several submissions and revisions until the final logo was chosen, shown in the bottom of the graphic. For this approach, the letter E was mirrored to represent the number 3. This was done to help carry a consistent flow throughout the design. The swoosh line, running through the word Mile, represents the value provided to their clients, and was a specified component by Mile 3.

In addition to the logo design, we also created their business cards and brochure template. In doing so, Mile 3 puts forth a consistent brand in all of their communications. Learn more about the Logo Design services offered by Wicked Design: Wickedesign.com/services/logo-design.

logo development process