This brief animation shows a 3D modeled kitchen from various angles. Customer cabinet choices, flooring, back splash, lighting and counter tops were applied to the relevant scene objects to reflect what the new kitchen might look like. When set into motion using animation, the customer is able to gain a visual perspective on their new kitchen design. Images can also be captured from any angle and used during the design process.

Changes to the kitchen design can be quickly made to show other options of materials. The time of day may can be updated to reflect how the chosen materials will look under certain conditions. The properties of chosen materials can also be adjusted to different types of finishes or stains. Learn more about our 3D, Animation and Graphic Design services:


3D animation need not only apply to kitchen redesign, but also for room additions, landscape changes or new buildings altogether. Sometimes animation is used to visualize conceptual ideas. Various what-if scenarios can be visualized in an unlimited number of ways.