These days an artist or designer can juggle several projects at once. Depending on their skill sets, this can often mean managing illustrations, website design and print media all in the same day. To complicate issues, there are daily distractions that can throw off proper recording of time that is eventually invoiced to the end clients; phone calls, texts, email, kids, TV and many more. Trying to capture the effective work time during the normal day is difficult.

While searching for an application to address these issues, I came across a mobile app for the Droid called Timesheet Time Tracker. This amazing little application allows artists to simply create projects and record time spend on each. Need a break because of the phone ringing? The app offers a “Take A Break” button and pauses the recording of time. Once off the phone, the “I’m Back” button continues recording. When the project work ends, the “I’m Done” button records the total time, asks for work details and records your exact location on earth.

A summary review of all project work can be viewed using various lengths of time. The artist can also assign hourly rates to each project, especially useful should they differ from client to client. The app report time spent, dollars earned and what you worked on. You then have the option of exporting a range of time for reports to Excel and sending it along. Most amazing of all, the app is free.

However, because this little gem has improved our lives here at Wicked Design, we will certain send them a donation for their great effort. You can learn more about this incredible time tracking app here.