Thanks to the Purcellville Business Association for mentioning Wicked Design as the firm who provided website design and logo design services. We are honored in being chosen to assume the critical role of creating brand identity and online presence for the largest business organization in western Loudoun. Read the official press release below:

  For release Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For further information, contact:
Jim Bowman, PBA President
Laura Longley, PBA Marketing Chair


Purcellville Business Association Announces Initiatives New Website, Logo, and Promotions to Add Membership Value and Increase Participation


Purcellville, VA, Dec. 10, 2012-The Purcellville Business Association (PBA) today unveiled its new logo and website. PBA also announced major initiatives for increasing the value of PBA membership and drawing more area businesses into the organization.

“On behalf of the Purcellville Business Association Board of Directors,” said Jim Bowman, president, “I’m delighted to launch these initiatives, which we’ve been developing over the past six months. We’ve also changed our name-from Purcellville Business & Professional Association back to its original, shorter title: Purcellville Business Association. “But what we’re most excited about is the flexibility of the new website because it provides so many new ways for members to participate and benefit from PBA,” Bowman added.

Among the Purcellville Business Association Initiatives are:

New Online Benefits for Members

  • Guest blogging for members on the PBA website and Facebook page, with link to PBA’s LinkedIn page and weekly PBA Update! email.
  • Directory links to members’ websites
  • Photos and video posting to website events albums
  • PBA Member badge for members’ websites

Display Promotion (paid)

Sponsorship Banner: Home page banners feature the month’s four website sponsors – business owner/representative at business location with caption. Sponsorship will also include a feature business profile and links to sponsors’ website and/or Facebook and LinkedIn page. Beginning January 1, 2013.

Business Card Promotion (paid)

  • Business Card Corner – Home page feature offering card placement in a rotation of 5 cards per month. Beginning January 1, 2013.
  • Business Card Page(s)- card placement available to members beginning Spring 2013.

Members and Nonmembers

  • PBA Update! – a weekly news and events email now available by subscription
  • PBA LinkedIn Group-a great place to contribute to the conversation.

The new benefits, above, are in addition to PBA’s current benefits package, which includes:

  • Quarterly networking mixers held at area businesses
  • General meetings/luncheons the second Tuesday of every month but August.
  • Speakers and panels with subject matter experts
  • Seminars and workshops on new business skills

The Purcellville Business Association website and logo were designed and developed by Dave Levinson, WickeDesign, of Purcellville, with content provided by the PBA Board of Directors and Laura Longley, marketing communications chair.

The Board has retained Laura Longley Marketing, LLC to further develop PBA’s internet marketing strategy and content, as well as day-to-day management of the site, email, and social media.

To learn more about the Purcellville Business Association, membership, subscriptions, promotions and other benefits, please contact Jim Bowman, Daniel Abramson, or Laura Longley.

The Purcellville Business Association is an organization of businesses and individuals who come together to advance and promote the economic, industrial, professional, cultural, and civic welfare of Purcellville and Western Loudoun. Together we grow our businesses, voice our opinions, and plan for our future.

Attached: PBA Logo and Website examples.


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