Many times our clients know that they need a website in order to attract new business, maintain a healthy presence in search engines and to provide a professional online appearance. However, Loudoun businesses frequently don’t know what they want or need regarding visual design. This is why Wicked Design is hired; We carry a long history of listening intently to the goals of a client and designing highly creative websites.

Purcellville Design

This story changes with Heritage Site Development, one of our newer clients. Because this firm has a full staff of Construction Planners and Engineers, they knew exactly what they wanted in terms of visual design. Using WordPress as the CMS web platform, we worked together to construct a site that met their specific vision, and business goals. This Loudoun County firm designs and constructs utility and road projects across the northern Virginia area. They support local municipalities and private businesses with a wide range of estimating, design and construction services.

Upon initial discussions with the firm, they presented a fairly clear path forward for their new website design. They not only wanted to portray their long history in completing complex site development projects, but also the breadth of work. To support this they requested dynamic photo galleries that demonstrated their worthy successes. In addition, they also wanted to clearly demonstrate in a visual manner they breadth of work completed in a simple to understand map display. The Projects page effectively addresses both of these goals through the use of Google Maps, along with an interactive photo gallery. Meeting both of these goals in an elegant manner is exactly what they sought.

The company also had a vision for presenting their service offering combined with the types of client they support. This problem was solved with the design of their Services page. The final version contains not only both of these lists, but also examples of project work that dynamically displays. The custom designed header graphic that contains the menu choices dynamically changes on every page contained within their website design. These design elements keep the appearance interesting to the website visitor, and potential client.

creative webIn conclusion, it was a refreshing experience to support a client that came to the table with a vision in mind. In many ways this makes the job of developing an effective website easier than normal. We simply listed to their goals and met them with effective visual design. It was a pleasure working with Heritage Site Development. See the final website design, and learn more about the company:

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