Facebook has been known to help create communities and awareness for businesses. Recently, their Insights feature associated with Facebook Pages has been improved to provide a greater level of depth regarding visitor traffic. For example, Insights now tells you when your community of followers is most active. This chart represents that data, as captured from one of our Loudoun clients.

activity times

Facebook post views by the hour.

It reveals critical information that can help grow your business. In this case, the client’s Facebook traffic peaks between noon and 10 pm. Using this information, you can time your posts to concur with their activity times. Therefore this client should not be posting before 9 am in the morning.

Further, the new Insights feature informs you, the Page owner, what types of posts are most effective and which gain the most attention. In the case of this Purcellville client, photos are the most effective ways to engage your community, and potential customers. Therefore when you are creating posts,  photos that capture the attention of your potential customers should be used, and liberally. Text based posts are credited with a 15% retention rate of the content, where photos can provide up to 85% retention. Make a memorable experience for your followers and it will pay off.

Another less-known Facebook feature is scheduling. Posts can be scheduled in advance to be posted at a later date. This is quite useful in creating a set of future posts in one sitting. When you schedule future posts, keep in mind when your audience is most active. Doing so will maximize exposure for your information.

At Wicked Design, we help Loudoun customers gain more exposure and customers. Using simple tools and techniques helps to ensure that communities become aware of your products and services. Is your business interested in building community and awareness? Contact us for a free social media consultation: wickedesign.com/contact-us.