The White Palace Restaurant website is now complete. This simple, yet effective, website design delivers the client’s business-critical information to the community. On this website you will find their complete menu offering, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeout and event drinks. This Purcellville restaurant (located in Loudoun County, Virginia) website is capable of recognizing incoming visitors who are using mobile devices. When acknowledged, the website automatically scales down and delivers a higher performance experience. For example, the menu items become available in list form, making selections on small screen more easily available. Their complete menu can be easily browsed using any web-capable cell phone. This feature is known as a progressive website design.

As part of this web development project, photographs were taken of the interior and exterior parts of the restaurant and used as graphic backdrops. When visiting the website, these digitally enhanced photographs provide the feeling of small community, comfort, history and warmth. The photos are presented with soft, painterly filters so they don’t distract from the important design information being presented by the White Palace. These photos change every ten seconds, helping to breath creativity and life into an otherwise static website.

The client’s employees will be trained to update important information, such as new food items and blog posts. While not currently featured, photos of each food item is supported by the interactive menu system. The client plans to embellish the online menu with these photos over time. Needless to say, they also need to have the capability of adjusting prices, feature the menu items of the week and tell stories of their successes on a regular basis. These stories are not only serve as good building community content, but increases their SEO, or search rankings, in Google and other engines.

The White Palace Restaurant website was meant to be a simple but effective tool used to draw more Purcellville, and Loudoun, residents in. The WordPress theme used in this case was specifically designed for restaurants. In the future, White Palace can expand their online information and marketing efforts using this same theme. There is much room and flexibility built in to accommodate the growing needs of this establishment, both now and well into the future.

January 2013 Update: Staff of the White Palace are now adding blog posts on a regular basis. We are pleased to report that this website design, and the addition of regular content, is responsible for increasing the customer base for this legacy western Loudoun restaurant. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing your design efforts have lead to a client making more money. In the end, this is what good website design is all about: increasing community awareness and driving more sales. Learn more about the web design and development services offered by Wicked Design here: Restaurant Website Design in WordPress.