If you are seeing this post, then our online visibility efforts are working. We not only creates attractive media geared for online and print media, but we also back it with the knowledge and skills to grab attention.

This means appropriately tagging media meant for online publishing. Because if your customers and clients can’t find you, then the effort is not worth doing. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines assign values to media in various ways. Simple meta tagging is often not enough to gain

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visibility, and more important, obtaining higher search (SEO) than your competitors.

Have you or your company checked the online status of keywords and keyword phrases that are important to your business? If not, this step is highly recommended. Additionally, this should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your online position, or search results, are getting the attention your business requires. As a side note, when doing this, do not be be logged into one of the search engines as this is being done. When you are logged in, your search rankings will be skewed, as those engine will reorder the results you receive in trying to deliver the most relevant results.

The major search engines use a complex system of ranking online results. Some of these methods used to provide search results can include the following: media tagging, back links from other sites, community interaction and social media presence in Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. But gaining the highest possible search rankings does not stop there. They often evaluate the number of words in posts, the frequency of posts, the local competitive landscape and use of various media types.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, the market is much smaller than in other places. This is mainly due to having a rather small comparative population. This means that there is less competition for gaining the highest search results. Gaining this attention in New York City or Los Angeles would be a significantly more difficult task. There no is single winning method for gaining online visibility.

In closing, the process of gaining online attention from potential clients needs to be addressed on a case by case basis. Manual tweaking and constant checking is required to ensure that the most beneficial results are being achieved. Wicked Design carries a successful reputation in doing this for our clients. Further, we’re happy to prove this. Using tools like Google Analytics is one method of providing proof that SEO efforts are indeed successful. Increased visitor traffic, longer website engagement, search terms being used to find you and identifying locations where your website traffic comes from.

We made you look. Let us make your customers look at you. We’d love to consult with you to provide website design services, graphic design services or a range of many others, including video and print media. Contact Wicked Design for a free consultation. Read more about our SEO and Search services: Search and SEO Website Services.