Effective print design can make the difference between gaining the attention of the public, and being ignored. Aside from the all important Who, What, Where, Why and When, a poster design must be colorful, unique and able to draw attention. A central design should pull the viewers attention to various locations within the poster design. This takes into account that the design itself is interesting enough to look at. When viewing the poster from ten to twenty feet away, the potential viewer should be drawn to it so the information presented is absorbed.

The poster design, presented in this post, was created from scratch using Photoshop and other content creation tools. The wine bottle, the foil and cork were digitally hand crafted to deliver a unique look that has not been seen elsewhere. The background “pop” graphics were layered using various levels of transparency. Use of this style of background highlights the foreground graphics without distracting from the message. We understand that this Loudoun County celebration was one not to miss.

print media poster

The Champagne bubbles were also created by hand to lend a feeling of unique art and design. The combination of these creative elements helps to wrap the poster message in a feeling of style and readability. The last thing a designer wants to do is distract from the message at hand. Instead, all components should blend together to form a poster, or flyer, that feels like a complete piece.

The poster message, or text, is bold and sparse. The message is delivered in a simple way and is easy to read. It is supported by the pleasing graphics and colors. The combination of these elements create a successful design that the viewer will want to stop and read.

Lastly, a sense of motion is conveyed through the flying cork and background elements. These elements are used to further draw in the reader and create a lasting memory of the message at hand. After all, if no one recalls the poster, then the designer has failed in their mission.

Also taken into account was the Loudoun County, Virginia demographic for this design. It was know ahead of time that the poster would not only be displayed online, but also in store front windows. Knowing the local Purcellville layout helped to make this design as a effective as could be. Knowing the intended demographic, or user, is critical for any design projects.

Our goal at Wicked Design is to create memorable print designs, whether used to hang in a store front window, or delivered in an envelope in terms of direct marketing. Measuring the success of  print campaigns can be gauged by increased web visitor traffic. This is another services provided by our firm.

Do you have questions on any of the information presented here? Contact us to learn more. Learn more about the Loudoun graphic design services provided by Wicked Design: Celebration Print and Poster Design. Thanks for reading our post.