We cherish old photographs and the emotional meaning that they bring to us. Sometimes older photos become damaged over time due to age, weather or poor framing. Some were simply kept in wallets or purses and over time, deteriorated due to wear. Sun damage is another common reason why photographs lose their luster.

Aside from family pictures, there are also architectural photos that represent a time before ours. These are important records that serve as reminders of a previous time, a look into the past. These types of photos are sometimes cityscapes, or single buildings. In either case, they are also capable of fading or becoming damaged. Like the family photos, these also can be restored to their original quality, and often improved. Later in the post we’ll discuss how these repaired images can be enlarged and framed.

family photo editing

Photo Restoration


In the modern age of digital editing, these photographs can be repaired. In some cases, they can look better than the original image. Modern technology, including computers and software, can be used to restore images of the past into a shining resemblance of what used to be. In the case of restoring photographs, our main tool is Photoshop.

To get started, we scan the original photo into a high resolution, digital file. This file is then brought into Photoshop where the repair work begins. Before any changes are made, we evaluate the overall quality.

We look for areas that are too light or dark, water stains, creases, color fading and more. An assessment is made as to the approach needed in breathing new life into the photo. These higher-level damage issues are addressed first. This is because small spot editing can stand out after making such adjustments. Often areas need to be lightened, or made darker, to produce an overall even effect on the photograph. Following this step, we’ll begin paying attention to selected areas that require attention.

Water damage, creases and spotting are each addresses individually using various techniques. One method involves using the surrounding area of the photo for fill over the bad spot. This is done using a Cloning technique where a brush tool simply copies portions of the picture. Then, another brush may introduce lightening or darkening to ensure that the area blends properly. These techniques apply to photos that are color and black and white.

The image is kept in large format while the edits are being made. This allows the final product to be scales down to any size in the future. It also allows the photo to be printed on various types of media. Paper printing is not your only choice today. You can have photos printed on canvas, metals and glass. They can be meant for wall hanging, or used on products like key chains.

If you have photographs that need repair, Wicked Design is ready to help. Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll provide you with everything required to make old memories, better. We are located in Purcellville, Virginia but offer our services across the region, including Maryland, West Virginia and the Washington, DC metro area. Heck, we’ll help you wherever you live.