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Mobile website

In Loudoun County, an average of thirty-five percent of all business related website traffic comes from a mobile device.

Question: What is a mobile-ready website?
Answer: A website that automatically re formats for a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The reasons for having your website mobile ready are many. They include:

  • A good user experience when visitors use your website
  • Simple to access important information about your business
  • Click to call phone numbers
  • Capturing the attention of your web visitor in a short amount of time

In Loudoun County, and other places in northern Virginia, the percent of mobile website traffic is increasing steadily every month. In our area specifically, we benefit from day trip visitors who are looking for goods and services. They accomplish this using their mobile device. As a business owner, you want to lower the barrier in providing phone web surfers with quick information that is readily accessible.

When a website design does not offer a mobile version, the prospective customer must zoom in and hunt for the information they need. When your potential customer must look for appropriate menu selections, it increases the amount of time required to become more aware of what you offer. In this day and age, you have very little time to capture attention. Often, the web visitor will not spend more than ten seconds looking at your website before they depart for another, which may be your competitors site.

Mobile versions of Wicked Design developed websites

Your website developer (hopefully Wicked Design) should, by default, ensure that he or she also creates what is known as a Responsive Website. A Responsive site automatically re-formats to react to the device being used. Even if the device has a large screen, such as a ten inch tablet, your site should accommodate the web visitor. The software code can recognize the technical parameters of the display screen and orient the content to meets its specifications.

Additionally, a mobile version of your website can rearrange information to better suit the mobile website user. For example, your business phone number can be displayed at the top of the page, This phone number should always be active, or clickable. Your branding or logo should be scaled smaller and displayed at the top center. Your menu, or page, selections should be rearranged to eliminate the need to hunt for your information. This is often accomplished with the use of a drop down menu that is easy to navigate with when using a smart phone.

Another benefit of leveraging a mobile ready website is that particular pages can offered. In other words, a completely different website menu can be made available for the mobile user specifically. If, for example, your site contains lots of information, you can reduce this content for the attention challenged phone user. You can also offer particular web pages and reduce the amount of selections.

When a website is reformatted for devices, it is reorganized vertically where a scrolling action reveals the site. This is done instead of forcing the visitor to zoom and pan around the website. In doing so, a positive and simple method to navigate your company information is provided.

In closing, a modern business website must be mobile ready. Your potential customers expect this type of experience. When they are forced to hunt for your information, they are likely to move on to another website, which could be your competitor. Should you have any questions about having a mobile ready website, Wicked Design will be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Learn more about the website development services that Wicked Design offers: