Purcellville Fest Graphic Design

Rock the Rink was an annual town event in Purcellville, Virginia for several years. It has now become the Purcellville Arts and Music Fest, but the event’s spirit lives on. In 2012, the town commissioned us to create an attractive poster used to spread the word. We wanted to make it special.


rock festival marketingThis project literally began with a napkin sketch, drawn at a local hang out. The poster concept began with a V


Website Design for Leesburg Plumber

The plumbing business is competitive in Loudoun County. Everyone needs a plumber on occasion, which is why there are so many service providers. As with any business where there are competitive factors, one must stand out to gain attention and rise to the top.

O’Quinn’s Plumbing, located in Leesburg, Virginia, wanted to create a web design that:

1. Was simple to navigate
2. Effectively leverage their successful brand
3. Render quickly on desktops and

CD Cover Design For Loudoun Band

CD Cover Design For Loudoun Band

Graphic design can be challenging on many levels, Mastering the appropriate amount of content based upon the need can be the biggest. In this case, we just designed a CD cover for a local Loudoun band, called “The Moment”. Their CD release party occurred this weekend at Shenanigan’s in Leesburg, Virginia. Luckily, this band chose to work with a printing firm that offered a template for the graphic design aspect. All we had to


Is your website mobile ready?

tablets and smart phonesIn Loudoun County, an average of thirty-five percent of all business related website traffic comes from a mobile device.

Question: What is a mobile-ready website?
Answer: A website that automatically re formats for a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The reasons for having your website mobile ready are many. They include:

  • A good user experience when visitors use your website
  • Simple to access important information about your business
  • Click to call

Web design for corporate jets

The corporate jet sales field is small, for good reason; not many firms sell products that have multi-million dollar price tags.

However, corporations have the need to fly executives around the world to lubricate the gears of business while maximizing time. Jet Evolution, of Loudoun County, Virginia, recently hired Wicked Design to develop a website. This post attempts to capture the essence of the project, while providing intriguing information regarding the little known field


Festival logo design

logo design

We are pleased to be working with the Town of Purcellville, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, once again. This project involved the design and creation of the logo for the Purcellville Music and Arts Festival. Historically, the town held Rock the Field and Rock the Rink every year. These annual music festivals are now combined into one larger festival. The inaugural event is schedule for May 17, 2014 at Fireman’s Field.


Digital Restaurant Menu Design

Digital restaurant board menu design requires several creative skills.

food items

We recently embarked on a project that involved replacing laminated, hanging menus photos with graphics displayed on wide screen television displays. This project required a food photography session, careful photo editing and significant design planning based upon the menu of Charcoal Kabob. This kabob restaurant has two locations, one in Herndon and the other in Reston, Virignia.

The project began with a complete analysis of


Leesburg Fitness Website Design

Wicked Design has designed and developed many health and fitness websites for Loudoun based businesses. This includes yoga, personal training and coaching firms that offer to help our community strengthen their bodies, and minds. This week, we’re pleased to announce the launch a new website for Loudoun Pilates. Owner Amy Hershey had a clear vision for what she wanted in her website design. This vision always makes our job easier.

LoudounPilatesSQAmy, and her instructors,


Loudoun Coffee Shop Web Design

LoCo Joe is a new Loudoun County coffee shop. Located in Purcellville, Virginia, this fine coffee shop wanted to be different. They had a goal of offering high quality coffee using international beans, locally sourced baked goods, soups, bagels and pastries. They also serve fine teas from around the world, juices, lattes and espresso. The products are served in a hip Main Street location shared with an upscale interior decorating boutique (Everyday Elegance).

coffee shop web developmentLoCo


Leesburg Web Design For Baer

Baer’s Mattress Den is a family owned sleep business that has been around for more than thirty years. They advertise heavily in papers like Leesburg Today where their brand can be seen both on the front and back pages of nearly every issue. Being a family owned business in a modern world where national franchises have tremendous marketing power, Baer’s needs to stand out and present their value proposition. See their new website: BaersMattressDen.com