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3D Hair Dryers

A simple 3D rendering of hair dryer models. They have been arranged such that they appear to be in motion. To further support suggested motion, the furthest model is blurred the most. Each successively closer model is in sharper as it approaches the foreground.


dryer product design


Rocket Assembly Animation

By visually demonstrating how things fit together, complex ideas can be communicated in simple and effective ways. Couple that complexity with the danger of fireworks and you have a potential problem. Using 3D animation to model processes is a successful method in sharing difficult concepts. The models can be viewed at any angle, take on any appearance use real world physics.



Video Production

Wicked Design has produced attention-getting video stories for several years. Video Production often mixes many forms of content to used to effectively communicate. This may include embedding images, photographs, video clips and other forms of media used to tell a story in exciting ways. More…



video editing


3D and Animation

Wicked Design offers a wide array of 3D  and animation services. Often, it is difficult to convey a concept without the use of animation. When an idea is put into motion, the vision is immediately projected. The finished project may represent buildings in planning stages, conceptual renderings or something completely different. More…



3d animation




Print Media

Wicked Design has created a wide range of printed media for our clients. Whether the need is a full color brochure, an event poster or a a simple flyer, we’ve done it all. Read more…




Brochure design


Website Development

Wicked Design creates attractive websites for your business or organization. With nearly two decades of experience, we deliver your goals, online. Read more…









We’ve created stunning Power Point presentations for years that have resulted in awarded contracts, marketing and sales. We design our own templates to provide a fresh and clean look that has not been used by everyone else. Read more…






Logos for Business

Logos are symbols that come to represent a company or organization in many important ways. With a strong background in design, Wicked can design a logo that expresses the exact feel you require. Using a variety of content creation tools, multiple styles and concepts will be delivered for your review. Read more..