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Graphic Design for Street Renovation

21st Street Digital Illustration

The Town of Purcellville, located in northern Virginia, had a need to communicate to the public its plans to refurbish 21st Street. They wanted to present an illustration that clearly showed what the final look and feel would be once the project was completed. Wicked Design was hired to use the existing road plans and turn them into a rendering for this purpose.

Starting with photographs, taken on the roof


Lobby Sign Created Using 3D


Conceptual Design 3D


Effective MarketingSometimes photography isn’t enough to communicate a story. When this is the case, 3D design apps can be used to recreate scenes for the purpose of portraying difficult concepts. MSI Worldwide Mail, a firm with headquarters in Belgium, hired Wicked Design to do just this. Their location in Sterling, Virginia, needed a sign for their lobby area to demonstrate their capabilities. This company offers a wide range of sophisticated mailing and sorting


Poster design in the name of Rock & Roll

The 2012 Rock The Rink concert planned for January 19 in Purcellville, Virginia. The organizing group wanted to promote the event with a bold, eye catching poster. After reviewing the complete requirements for the event, and the poster, we went to work designing a piece that was meant for print resolution at a size of 11 by 17 inches. This large image would then be reused in a smaller size for promoting on the


Loudoun Interior Design Using 3D

Our clients often want to present what-if design scenarios. Using real world props and materials for this purpose can be expensive and cumbersome. Using 3D tools, conceptual interior design can be accomplished virtually. Doing so save time, money and resources. The added benefit of using 3D for design is that the model can be viewed from any angle, it can be presented with any type of lighting and use fabrics and materials within the


3D Kitchen Animation

This 3D kitchen animation shows how possibilities can be shared before anything is modified within a home. Often a client wants to envision how their home remodeling project will look before construction begins. Using 3D design tools and techniques, this can be accomplished. The lighting, materials and view angles can be changed to allow a full perspective of the project to be started.

Using 3D and animation saves resources and time by allowing the


Animation: 3D Kitchen Walk Through

This brief animation shows a 3D modeled kitchen from various angles. Customer cabinet choices, flooring, back splash, lighting and counter tops were applied to the relevant scene objects to reflect what the new kitchen might look like. When set into motion using animation, the customer is able to gain a visual perspective on their new kitchen design. Images can also be captured from any angle and used during the design process.

Changes to the


Visualizing in 3D


Clients often have a hard time visualizing new interior designs as envisioned by their contractor or design firm. By using three dimensional design software, homeowners can see a proposed design before the actual construction begins. In addition, materials chosen such as cabinet wood, flooring, tile and appliances can be depicted within a 3D scene to heighten the sense of realism. Actual lighting parameters can also be applied, and viewed from particular times of


3D Hair Dryers

A simple 3D rendering of hair dryer models. They have been arranged such that they appear to be in motion. To further support suggested motion, the furthest model is blurred the most. Each successively closer model is in sharper as it approaches the foreground.


dryer product design


Rocket Assembly Animation

By visually demonstrating how things fit together, complex ideas can be communicated in simple and effective ways. Couple that complexity with the danger of fireworks and you have a potential problem. Using 3D animation to model processes is a successful method in sharing difficult concepts. The models can be viewed at any angle, take on any appearance use real world physics.