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Brochure Graphic Design

When Freedom Bathrooms needed a colorful brochure designed, they called Wicked Design.


After designing a successful website for the firm, we rolled up our sleeves again for this Loudoun remodeling company to create a memorable brochure that would be given to prospective clients in the mid Atlantic region. They wanted a bi-fold design that also contained an insert. The overall design measured 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, when printed and cut.



Lobby Sign Created Using 3D


Conceptual Design 3D


Effective MarketingSometimes photography isn’t enough to communicate a story. When this is the case, 3D design apps can be used to recreate scenes for the purpose of portraying difficult concepts. MSI Worldwide Mail, a firm with headquarters in Belgium, hired Wicked Design to do just this. Their location in Sterling, Virginia, needed a sign for their lobby area to demonstrate their capabilities. This company offers a wide range of sophisticated mailing and sorting


Purcellville Fest Graphic Design

Rock the Rink was an annual town event in Purcellville, Virginia for several years. It has now become the Purcellville Arts and Music Fest, but the event’s spirit lives on. In 2012, the town commissioned us to create an attractive poster used to spread the word. We wanted to make it special.


rock festival marketingThis project literally began with a napkin sketch, drawn at a local hang out. The poster concept began with a V

CD Cover Design For Loudoun Band

CD Cover Design For Loudoun Band

Graphic design can be challenging on many levels, Mastering the appropriate amount of content based upon the need can be the biggest. In this case, we just designed a CD cover for a local Loudoun band, called “The Moment”. Their CD release party occurred this weekend at Shenanigan’s in Leesburg, Virginia. Luckily, this band chose to work with a printing firm that offered a template for the graphic design aspect. All we had to


Print media for Loudoun Interior Designer

Barbara Quast was voted the Best Loudoun County Interior Designer of 2012. To leverage this distinguished award, she chose to conduct a marketing campaign to further increase awareness of her fine designer skills. She contacted Wicked Design to create print advertising and sales cards for this effort.

The sales card would be distributed in various ways, including direct mail. Print Design MediaThe multipurpose card needed to be designed for flexibility in mind.

The final note card


Poster design in the name of Rock & Roll

The 2012 Rock The Rink concert planned for January 19 in Purcellville, Virginia. The organizing group wanted to promote the event with a bold, eye catching poster. After reviewing the complete requirements for the event, and the poster, we went to work designing a piece that was meant for print resolution at a size of 11 by 17 inches. This large image would then be reused in a smaller size for promoting on the


Wine Label Design – Loudoun Grown

Above Ground Winery is a new wine producer in Purcellville, Virginia. The Sweet Rebecca Lynn wine label, seen below, was the second in a series of five that Wicked Design created for the winery. With more than 30 vineyards and wineries in Loudoun County, it is important to stand apart. This wine label design offers elegance in design using an understated display. Simple but effect product design will often make the difference in sales.


Purcellville Halloween Party Poster

The second annual Purcellville Halloween Block Party is coming up at the end of this month (obviously). This poster was designed in conjunction with the business owners along 21st Street who are responsible for hosting this event. Last year, snow shut down the festival, but the show went on te following day, with great success. This year promises to be bigger and better.

The 21st illustration, featured in this poster, was created by taking


Effective Print Design

Effective print design can make the difference between gaining the attention of the public, and being ignored. Aside from the all important Who, What, Where, Why and When, a poster design must be colorful, unique and able to draw attention. A central design should pull the viewers attention to various locations within the poster design. This takes into account that the design itself is interesting enough to look at. When viewing the poster from


Sweet Rebecca Lynn Wine Label

Sometimes simple and understated design grabs the most attention. The Sweet Rebecca Lynn wine label, designed for Above Ground Winery in Purcellville, reflects a simple approach that uses graphic design to draw the attention of the wine buying crowd. Starting with a family photograph, Rebecca’s profile was traced using Photoshop. Then creative design elements were used when stroking those traced paths. Then blending and coloring the body shapes, a simple graphic design came to